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KK MOVES Health Center is dedicated to the holistic treatment of people with long-lasting results.

It combines the best features of a fitness and massage studio, a nutritional and mental hygiene counselor’s office with the intimacy of a restricted number of people, private sessions, entirely customized to the special needs of every client.


Applying a wider range of customized services, one's personal goals are now within reach. We believe in real values providing long-term efficiency.

Those who put their trust in KK MOVES are people with real problems and challenges who expect to be helped with a set of proven methods, well-founded expertise, as well as tireless commitment.


Services include all necessary aspects of classic healthcare with regards to prevention and rehabilitation such as

  • Motion,
  • Nutrition,
  • Massage,
  • Mental Hygiene,
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine, as well as
  • Physician Consulting.


With a well-defined target audience of artists, athletes, and the workforce of large companies, the KK MOVES idea is also accessible to a health-conscious clientele, i.e. people wanting or being committed to take their health and lives more seriously in the pursuit of their respective happiness.

general information

Established in 2014 in Hungary, KK MOVES Health Center started as a private studio upon the idea of its founder, Kristof Kerekes, treating exclusively professional actors, dancers, singers, and celebrities who are expected to constantly be in top shape.

This complex method of working on clients’ health and lifestyle was well-received, so a number of experts and professionals joined the initiative soon. The company expanded so rapidly that it outgrew its initial premises and moved to a bigger and even more central location in Budapest.


KK MOVES Health Center has become the top provider of complex and customized healthcare services in the private sector, now pursuing a global goal to support and ensure artists’ health by conducting a lifestyle enabling them to pursue a career for a longer period of time and more efficiently, eliminating or, at least, reducing injury to a minimum level.


The first center, based in downtown Budapest, operates on 160 sqm.

It succeeded to triple the number of exclusive contracts with major Hungarian theaters and companies by 2017 within just a year, serving as their healthcare provider. Hungary is a small country with a population of around 10 million people.

Currently, KK MOVES Health Center Budapest works with a staff of 15 selected experts in different areas. Being approached by a growing number of professionals is more than a positive feedback but also a privilege and responsibility to make its services available to a larger audience.


It is of utmost importance that team members meet high professional criteria and are dedicated to the cause.

Clients entrust them with their hopes and expectations, so it is always a joint effort that leads to the final goal. No exceptions!


Founder and majority owner of KK MOVES Health Center Kristof Kerekes has elaborated the Franchise Operations Manual and is the exclusive franchisor of the brand worldwide.


All services are personalized.



The primary goal is to keep the individual needs of clients in mind. It is mostly achieved by personal training services as the sessions are put together based on their physical attributes, using a wide range of (functional fitness) equipment.



Health deficiencies based on improper nutrition are increasing. Therefore, it is essential to understand and follow diet plans. Individual needs are met with special counseling to help guests with getting in optimal shape and becoming fitter.



One of the most pleasant sources of refreshment definitely needs no introduction. Once the eyes of the guest are closed, pain and muscle tension relief starts immediately with the use of a variety a methods healing body, spirit, and soul alike.



The power of the mind is unmatched. It can be reinforced through education, training, and counseling. At some point, being at the crossroads, motivation, an outsider's opinion, and/or a wake-up call are just what is needed to get back on track.

8 reasons

of Why Investing in Your Healthy Future...


Create value and raise the bar even higher in order to become the leader in your area.


Real and useful know-how is transferred to better serve a result-oriented clientele.


Operating out of a market niche with specialized and customized treatment.


Using a unique operating system standing out from the fitness and healthcare industry.


Offers lucrative opportunities based on a growing awareness and exigence.


Become a member of an innovative team with a global perspective and purpose.


Ability to test yourself and your team by becoming trend-setters in your region.


Be the employer people love working with because of skills, stamina, and humility.


facts & figures

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Franchise fees

Individual Franchise Fee: 110,000 USD

Master Franchise Fee: 145,000 USD

Royalty Fee (1,500 USD / month) includes the services below:

  1. Assistance (equipment setup, first steps, HR consultation)

  2. Supervision (professional and functional control, recommendations)

  3. Marketing

    Marketing Materials (corporate image, publications, books, templates)

    Website (hosting, separate landing page for respective clientele with special login possible)

    Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter)

    Local Advertising (articles, design templates, flyers, posters)

    Adherence Program (benefits, discounts, special events)

    Campaigns, Promotions (continuous, seasonal)


  4. Education (2 / year): Continuous updates of know-how, methodology, innovations, and experience

  5. Trainings (2 / year): Communication, Teambuilding

  6. Legal Advice

  7. Accountancy Advice

  8. Funding / Financial Support: We assist you in finding the proper means to start your business.

    The Master Franchise gives the franchisee the opportunity to sell another franchise in the respective area for not more than the Individual Franchise Fee. In this case, royalties go to KK MOVES Global.

Are you a perfect match for KK MOVES?

Become the next franchisee.

If you believe the next criteria match your personality and goals, you are most probably born to spread the word in your area and become the next franchisee of KK MOVES Health Center:

  1. You are committed to live and promote a healthy lifestyle.

  2. You are dedicated to improvement and the highest standards.

  3. You have a great ambition in helping others with their efforts towards a higher quality of life.

  4. You possess highly refined leadership skills.

  5. You are open-minded.

7 steps

Towards Your Newest (Ad)Venture…

  1. Send us an email describing your interest, plan, and goal. 

  2. Fill in the application form attached to our response message. 

  3. First meeting over the phone to elaborate a customized franchise plan. 

  4. Join us for a personal meeting to discuss further details. 

  5. Setting up a contract to seal the agreement. 

  6. Start the build-up procedure. 

  7. Grand opening of the newest health center in your area.

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